Adhesive Cards (CR79 and CR80)

Thickness:  10 mil
Backing: Mylal Backing

Adhesive PVC ID cards feature a peel-off backing that reveals an adhesive so the card can be applied to other materials, including proximity cards, making adhesive cards a perfect choice for a variety of single-sided identification applications.

Available as brand name and generic card stock, adhesive PVC cards come in two sizes:

CR80 – Standard credit card size that will lay on top of your card
CR79 – Slightly smaller than a credit card, the CR79 Adhesive card is commonly applied to clamshell proximity cards as it fits perfectly within its borders

Product Description

How Adhesive PVC Cards Can Save You Money

The adhesive overlay allows you to reuse the original card by replacing only the printed adhesive overlay. Adhesive cards can be created and printed like any other card, using any standard card design software and ID card printer.

However, due to their specialized smaller size, CR79 cards do not work in every ID card printer. Be sure to check your printer compatibility for CR79 cards. If you don’t have a compatible printer, we recommend using a CR80 Adhesive Card.


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